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Draymond Green Compares His 2nd Place Finish to Al Gore (Video)


Draymond Green is swiftly turning into one of the NBA’s biggest trash talkers, so of course he would have to voice his opinion on finishing second to Kawhi Leonard in the Defensive Player of the Year voting. Before Thursdays Pelicans 20 point 4th quarter lead collapse, Green talked with reporters about the DPOY snub. Green finished in second place despite having more first place votes than Kawhi, 45 to 37.

The voting intrigue came about when Green was left completely off a third of the ballots, where as Kawhi racked up on 2nd. 3rd, 4th, and 5th pace votes. Kawhi Leonard made a very compelling case for DPOY despite missing 18 regular season games, but don’t tell that to Green. Watch the video below as he compares his lost to that of Al Gore’s 2000 presidential election in which he had the popular vote but lost out to George W Bush due to the electoral vote.

h/t @Thompsonscribe, via SlamOnline