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Google Launching Mobile Carrier Business with Project Fi

Project Fi

Google has officially announced their Project Fi mobile carrier service. The service will cost you $20 for unlimited call and text. The data will cost you $10 per 1 GB of data. So if you want 10 GB of data it would cost you $100 with a total phone bill of $120 when you take into account the calling and texting. Following me so far? Good, now let’s get into the next portion if you pay for 10 GB of data but only use 5 GB of data then you would be credited $50 for the additional 5 GB you didn’t use. If you paid $10 for 1 GB of data and you used .5 GB you would get $5 credit. You only pay for the data you use. This is similar to the data rollover some companies use except much better. You’re not just adding your data to the next months bill which you might not even use anyway, you’re actually getting that money back. This is a very interesting approach to mobile carrier service. Presently, only Google’s Nexus 6 works on their network but I am sure they will be bringing some more options soon. Project Fi will run using Sprint and T Mobile networks as well as mobile hotspots. The phone would find the best available service between Sprint and T Mobile’s 4G LTE networks and use that. If neither is available where you are they would find the best Sprint or T Mobile 3G or 2G network. So anywhere you get Sprint or T Mobile service, you would get Project Fi. How do you start? You request an invite from Google and they will let you know how you can start the experience. You have to be invited as an early adopter and you can purchase a Nexus 6 phone from Google paying all at once or in 24 month installments. All in all this is a very ambitious idea and will be interesting to see how the service is when it gets going.