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Ray Lewis Impassioned Speech for Baltimore to Stop Rioting (Video)


Ray Lewis is one of the Baltimore Ravens most famed players. He has been the face of the organization and pillar of the Baltimore city for the duration of his career. Lewis, like the rest of us, are viewing the riots and protest happening in Baltimore and he has a few words for the citizens, stop rioting.

“Violence is not the answer. We must have peace in our city,” Lewis said. “We are a city that’s built on believing in each other. I don’t know all of the facts or have the answers but I do know that a family is mourning the death of their child/brother/cousin that could have been prevented. I pray for the family of Freddie Gray during this difficult time and that they get all of the answers they need.”

No one has the answers to anything thats been happening in our nation, but what we all can do is become aware and preventive in future measures and that requires being mobile, asking questions and being active in our community. While finding answers via your news is difficult, as it may be one sided, there are ways to get on the ground and visit this community you’ve played for. Sometimes it takes more than just a statement, you sometimes have to be one.

(H/T TMZ Sports)