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Report: Rondo Did Not Get Playoff Check From Mavs


If the Mavs are going to keep rolling with the back injury as the reason why Rondo missed the last three playoff games, that’s fine, but someone has some explaining to do.


According to Eddie Sefco of Mavs Blog at Rajon Rondo did not receive his playoff share from their 5 game series against the Rockets. This would not be the first time that the Mavs have withheld playoff checks from a player. In 2013 the Mavs players voted to not share their playoff earning with forward Lamar Odom as he was going through his own personal issues. This Rondo situation might be totally different, because from a certain perspective, one might argue that Rondo quit on his Dallas teammates. Either way, this report should only confirm what everyone already knew: Rajon Rondo has played his last game in a Dallas Mavericks uniform.