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Snowboarder Occupied By Selfie-Stick Almost Decapitated By Lift (Video)


The things people will do for that perfect Instagram shot.

Now, this piece of advice doesn’t just go for selfie-stick users, its a general rule of safety: Don’t stand in the way of an automated machine and think it’ll stop machining to wait for you to strike the pose that’ll get you the most likes. While snowboarding in the Chiisagata District of Honshu, Japan This boarder was forced to learn that the hard way:

I’m gonna go ahead and assume he’s a rookie. However, even a rookie should know better. In fact, according to Mirror the snowboarder even warned his friend of the danger of being close to the lifts, which makes the fact that he got popped all the funnier:

“I said to my friend 20 seconds before to watch out for the chairlifts but I didn’t take my own advice. I couldn’t have planned it any better if I tried moving my camera from behind me to infront.”

Seriously though, we hope he’s doing alright. That did look a little rough.

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