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John Wall on Playoff Return: “Comes Down To How I Feel”

John Wall has fractured wrist

The Wizards undoubtedly took a hit when they learned of John Wall’s wrist issues.

At first the team doctors thought it was a left wrist sprain, come to find out the man was playing with 5 nondisplaced micro-fractures.

Obviously, with news like this coming down, it’s not looking good for the young guard hoping to lead his team to the promised land and out of an especially weak Eastern Conference. But Wall hasn’t completely ruled out a return, yet.

“Just taking it day by day,” Wall said of the injury on Friday, in an interview with Jumoke Davis of Monumental Network. “It’s a risk either way if I do come back and play. You can move the fractures around and have to really have surgery. But it’s a risk that you can play (with) and not deal with anything – I played the rest of Game 1 with it.

“It’s all going to depend on what the doctors say – they’re behind me 110 percent, like the front office – and myself. It’s really going to come down to how I feel, and do I feel comfortable and feel like taking the risk.”

Meanwhile, Wall is determined to find ways to contribute, even if he’s not in uniform.

“I think I never will enjoy it. I never would enjoy being in a suit when I know I could be, should be out there playing,” he said. “But one thing I will do is show a lot of encouragement, a lot of excitement, and cheer my team on.

“So while I can’t be out there, I can still have a mindset and determination to show them that I’m with them. I might not be out there physically as a player but I’m there as a coach, and I want to wish those guys the best of luck.”

None of us can know the kind of pain that he’s dealing with right now, so you can’t knock his decision if he does choose to sit out the remainder of the playoffs.

Remember, dude tried to play in Game 2 with his wrist looking like this.

john wall wrist


J-Wall is a crazy competitor. The Wizards would surely miss him this year, but the hope for Washington is that this playoff run is the first of many in their future. Wall may not want to jeopardize that by playing through an injury, but we’ll see.

Wiz vs. Hawks are currently tied 1-1 and will be playing Game 3 later today.