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Kevin McHale to Dwight Howard: Hit Them First

McHale and Howard

Coach Kevin McHale really might have a good point here. The NBA has become a very soft league. They expect big 7 foot player who weigh upwards of 260 pounds to battle in the paint, be physical yet not touch each other. Something that is honestly impossible but where should the line be drawn?

The Houston Rockets are facing elimination tonight and center Dwight Howard’s name has been in the middle of the controversy. During Game 4, Howard hit Andrew Bogut with an elbow to face in retaliation to some physical play by Bogut. Coach McHale has a simple message for Howard, hit them first.

Hit them first, they always call the second one”

This statement by McHale seem accurate. The refs often times miss the initial contact and penalize the person who retaliates. I don’t think McHale should have made these comments publicly but it will be interesting to see how Howard takes heed to his words tonight.

HT: BleacherReport