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LSU Counters Florida ‘DBU’ video with Their Own (Video)


When I was growing up, several big time college football programs would refer to themselves as specific position university.

USC was “running back U” forever, while Penn State went through a long historic run of being “linebacker U.” Which Power 5 university has produced the best defensive backs?

The easy solution would be to count of up star defensive backs from select universities over the years and pick one. Until then, every school is going will go with the proclamation that they produce the best defensive backs for recruiting purposes.

The Florida Gators hopped into the mix first, dropping this video.

There have been some pretty good defensive backs to pass through Gainesville, including 12 drafted into the NFL since 2002.

LSU is a big dog in the SEC as well, and had no interest in what the Florida Gators were selling. and countered with tweets disputing the claim.

A video for LSU has serviced, and it’s bananas.

I’m sure will be hearing from FSU and Texas any minute now.

h.t CBS Sports