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NFL Player’s White Wife Says She Was Discriminated Against

The wife of a newly signed 49ers defensive player has filed a lawsuit against her former employer — claiming she worked with a guy who thought he was the“Wolf of Wall Street’’.  The crux of her lawsuit is that her employer didn’t like the fact she married a black man and that she was a woman.

Philippa Okoye filed her lawsuit on Monday and claims her boss Benjamin Alderson thought he was the Wolf of Wall Street.

The wife of an NFL player says she worked in a real-life “Wolf of Wall Street’’ office where co-workers sexually harassed her and openly mocked her marriage to a black man.

“How many cheerleaders has your boyfriend f–ked today?” Philippa Okoye, 27, who is white, said her boss sneered at her at their deVere Group office in Manhattan, according to a new federal lawsuit.

Referring to Okoye’s now-husband, British Olympic athlete and San Francisco 49er defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye, the boss allegedly added, “He’s probably f–ked the whole cheerleading squad by now.’’

Philippa said that another time, a worker near her announced, “I think it’s disgusting when white women go out with black guys.’’

A second worker said, “Don’t change your surname [to Okoye] if you marry Lawrence, because people will think you’re black,’’ she said.

“Yeah, and that’s not good for business,’’ Alderson allegedly added.

According to Philippa’s suit, Benjamin Alderson what that office to be like a movie.  He used Wolf of Wall St. and Boiler Room as examples.

“In those films, employees of male-dominated investment firms used highly offensive language and engaged in extremely inappropriate conduct, including sexual harassment and drug and alcohol use in the workplace.”

After Okoye complained and was demoted, she claims she was continuously mocked for her Christian faith, calling her a “Bible basher” and singing hymns when he walked by her desk, court papers charge.