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Report: Chandler Parsons Could Miss Start Of Training Camp


Chandler Parsons made his first public appearance since bowing out of the Mavs vs Rockets first round series with a knee injury.

While hobbled on crutches, the Mavs guard hinted at a more serious knee injury than previously reported. Parsons could be in jeopardy of missing the start of Mavs training camp.

He was asked directly whether his knee surgery was of the microfracture variety.

“I don’t think they want me to answer if it was or not,” Parsons said.

That doesn’t sound like the best of news and it got worse when Parsons added that he isn’t sure he’ll be ready to play when training camp opens in about four months.

“I hope so,” he said. “Something like this, you never know. I think it’s very beneficial that I’m not going to be playing any games and practicing or anything like that. I’ll just be working out [with the Mavericks’ athletic training staff]. I think so.

“I’m spending more time in the weight room than ever before, so I think I’ll be back better than ever. It’ll be fun that I don’t have to miss much of the season. I’ll do all my rehab, and at least now I have all summer to take my time and get back to [being] better than I was before.”

Parsons originally hurt the knee on March 29 at Indiana.