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Chyna Promises to Tell It All in Documentary



Former WWE star Chyna has had a pretty hard fall since her days as a WWE champion going into reality TV and porn. Well, a recent Kickstarter campaign wants to raise $10,000 to shoot a documentary called the “Reconstruction of Chyna”. Chyna has been in Japan for over three years and is coming back to America to shoot this documentary, promising to give the full story for the documentary. It must be some good juicy stuff but is she willing to put it all out there and guarantee that she will never be in the WWE Hall of Fame? It’s already looking like she won’t ever be there, but if she really gives the whole story then she may have officially burned whatever was left of the bridge leading back to the WWE. Check out a little from the Kickstarter page:

Chyna was crushed when her fiancé, Triple H, left her for Stephanie McMahon, the boss’ wife. He married Stephanie, and became heir to the WWE Throne. A cold blow to Chyna, but that was only the beginning. Chyna was ostracized from the WWE and her royalty checks were cut off. With nothing left, she spiraled into the worlds of Reality TV and Pornography just to survive..

It seems she is already disparaging the company and Triple H maybe even going as far as blaming them for her career path after leaving the WWE. So if this is what we’re in store for it would be an interesting story for her to tell and ot is hers to tell it. So if you want to kick in a few nickels to help out check out the Kickstarter page and donate so you can say you helped make that happen.