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Cowherd Explains Why John Wall & Manziel are Alike

John Wall Cowherd Manziel

Colin Cowherd is probably never going to stop talking about John Wall. Let’s just first get that straight. Anything that happens in everyday news, whether it’s about sports or global warming, will somehow be related to John Wall in some way. With that being said, in this week’s sports news Browns QB Johnny Manziel decided to give up using the money sign celebration. The sky was blue that day, so it was the perfect opportunity for Cowherd to bring up Wall’s name.

“I’ve said this before: Johnny Manziel, to me, is John Wall,” Cowherd said. “When I criticize John Wall for the Dougie, [fans say] that’s thin slicing, that is racism. I said no, it’s driven by an idiotic act, and then I look at your past. And I look at Johnny Manziel’s past: he’s an entitled trust fund kid, I hated his money sign, I looked in his family history and saw oil money, rich kid, entitled, he will never succeed. Now, John Wall is a much better basketball player than Johnny Manziel is a football player. It’s not close. John wall is a tremendous talent. Johnny Manziel is a borderline NFL player. But Johnny Manziel is giving up the money sign, Millennials, and it does matter.”

Well at least he’s finally admitting that John Wall is a good basketball player.

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