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Magnum Condoms & Hot Funyuns Found in Jon Jones Hit & Run Car (Video)

Jon Jones Condoms Car Hit & Run Video

Yesterday we posted the Jon Jones hit & run video footage but we didn’t get into some of the peculiar aspects of said video. At one point in the video the police were rummaging through Jones’ abandoned SUV and found a few items that they decided were key to their investigation.

The two items that really stick out are the Flaming Hot Funyuns and the Magnum Trojan condoms.

Let’s break down each item:

At the end of the video you can hear the cop ask for the pipe, a pipe they assumed was used by Jones to smoke weed that night. It can be assumed that Jones was under the influence of something since his first reaction was to flee the scene of the crime. If was indeed high the Flaming Hot Cheetos make complete sense. He had a mean case of the munchies and the Cheetos was just what the doctor ordered.

Now for the condoms. Jon Jones is publicly a man of God & faith. He portrays himself often as a pillar of Christianity and these events seem to stray from the person he portrays. With that being said, Jon Jones has been engaged to his fiancé since 2013 and they’ve been together since HS. I don’t want to dig too deep into their relationship, but having an open box of Magnum condoms in your car at the late-hours of the night doesn’t scream committed relationship. Only Jon & his fiancé know whether that is as big of a deal as it seems.

Then there’s the crazy amount of cash that was in the car…. Well I don’t see too much of a problem with that. You can’t pay drug dealers with a card, so i’d assume cash was needed if Jon indeed by weed that night.

These were just a few things that jumped out to us during the video. These are things Jon will have to answer to in the long run if he plans on returning to the UFC.