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Pats Forced to Hand Over Practice Tapes to NFLPA

BelichickPracticeWe hipped you to the NFL Player’s Association investigating the Patriots earlier this month, today we finally see them take action. According to ProFootball Talk,

The NFL Players Association has filed a complaint against the Patriots over their treatment of Malcolm Butler during offseason workouts…

 As a result, the NFLPA filed a complaint with the NFL Management Council

This all stems from when Super Bowl hero Malcom Butler missed his flight and, consequently, a VOLUNTARY Offseason Workouts.

As clearly stated in the title of the workouts, players are not required to attend, nor are teams allowed to punish those players who miss them.

The Patriots, however, essentially said “screw that rule” and sat Butler for the remainder of the 3 week session. He was still allowed to participate in film room and study hall, he just couldn’t have any fun or real practice out there on the field with his teammates.

The NFLPA has appropriately responded and the Patriots will surely be fined some insignificant amount of money. Malcom Butler has nothing to do with this legal suit.

The most interesting part of this story to me, though?

The NFLPA has asked the Patriots to hand over all tape or other records from practices that would show player attendance and participation.

The Patriots are going to be forced to hand over practice tape?! I’d love to see the look on Belichick’s face as he’s forced to hand over such delicate information to his arch-nemisis.

The Pats better hope those tapes don’t catch any ball boys messing with footballs, or else hell really might break out in Foxboro.