Paul Heyman Says CM Punk Could Get KO’d in UFC, Do You Agree? – BlackSportsOnline
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Paul Heyman Says CM Punk Could Get KO’d in UFC, Do You Agree?

CM Punk

Paul Heyman and CM Punk have a long history of working together and have a relationship outside of the ring, so it’s interesting to hear what Heyman thinks of Punk making the jump to the UFC.

Heyman had this to say on Steve Austin’s podcast:

“I don’t think money is the motivating factor in CM Punk’s life whatsoever. I think it’s the challenge to do this,” Heyman said. “This is something he’s been eyeballing since he was a kid, and I think he looks back and he probably regrets not getting into it five or six years earlier, but this was the time to pull the trigger on it.”

When it came down to how CM Punk will fair during his debut Heyman had this to say:

“I think he firmly believes he is either going to step in that Octagon and shock everybody by beating somebody’s ass, or he’s going to get punched in the face and knocked out or tapped out and beat up, and I think that he’s very accepting of the fact that that’s a possibility,” Heyman said.

It’s really a win-win situation for the UFC. If Punk wins he will be a hero to the pro-wrestling/MMA fans and can grow to be as popular as Brock, but if he gets KO’d the national media will be talking about it for the entire night & following week.

For Punk a return to the ring is always a strong Plan B.