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Teen Mom Went From Homeless To Earning $610K Scholarships For College

Trameka Pope

What a remarkable story!

Trameka Pope went against all odds when she went from being a homeless teen mom to becoming valedictorian her senior year of high school and receiving $610,000 in scholarships.

Trameka and her mother were homeless when she was young.  Trameka learned that she was pregnant during her 8th grade year and she told herself that she would provide a great future for herself and her daughter, and she is doing just that.

Here are the details via The Daily Mail:

‘I didn’t give up. I pushed myself hard,’ she told Fox 32. ‘And my baby motivated me every day because I wanted to provide for her and I also didn’t want to be a statistic.’

The valedictorian, who has received a tremendous amount of support from her school district, has been accepted into nearly 30 universities.

Trameka is set to graduate with her class on Monday, and the valedictorian, who wants to get her PhD in social work, is scheduled to attend Western Illinois University in the fall.

Congratulations to Trameka! She went against all adversity and is making a way for her and her daughter to have a better life.