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Torii Hunter Strips Down After Ejection (Video)

ToriiHunterJerseyTorii Hunter returned to his roots this offseason when he signed a one year deal with the Minnesota Twins.

While it was originally dubbed a “farewell tour” for the 16 year vet, Torii has proved he has plenty to offer this Twins lineup. He’s hitting a respectable .272 with 36 RBI and a surprising 8 home runs already.

Torii isn’t without his faults, however.

It’s a long season and hitters tend to get testy at the plate from time to time. The announcers in the clip below claim that he’s seemed agitated in previous at bats, so perhaps that was in play here.

It must have been – I’ve seen a hitter argue balls and strikes before; that’s commonplace in baseball and an easy way to get you thrown out of a game in the MLB. But I’ve never seen someone take off almost their entire upper half of their uniform in disgust.

Blood, Sweat, Tears, & Jerseys: Torii Hunter leaves it all out on the field.

I’m just thankful he decided to keep his undershirt on.