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Torrey Smith Says Ray Rice Deserves 2nd Chance

ray-riceIt seems like the NFL has forgotten about Ray Rice. After his incident and the dark cloud that surfaced around him, he seemed to be a PR nightmare, but people think he deserves a 2nd chance in the NFL. His good friend and former teammate, Torrey Smith, share those sentiments:

“Good people make mistakes,” Smith says … “I believe in second chances and I think society is supposed to be built on the idea that you can suffer consequences and come back.”

“People sometimes want you to apologize a certain way, crying or all upset. He’s made things right with his wife and family and earned respect with his actions since the incident.”

“He’s a way better person than he showed on that tape.”

With declining numbers before his elevator incident, its understandable to see why teams aren’t knocking down his door, but just in case they do, Rice will be ready. He’s said to be training non-stop.