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What Does Drafting Winslow Mean For HEAT and D Wade?


With the Miami Heat selecting Justise Winslow with the 10th overall pick, the Heat have once again picked up an All-Star caliber player and possibly the steal of the draft. Sound familiar?

The last time the Heat got a steal in the NBA Draft, they took Dwyane Wade fifth overall after Darko Milicic and others. Those aren’t the only parallels between Winslow and Wade. Picking Winslow suddenly gives the Heat a potential star on the wing and makes Wade a lot more.. expendable?

It’s no secret that Wade and the Heat are far apart on negotiations for a new deal. Wade wants to get paid all the money he’s given up over the years for the Heat, and Miami wants him to continue to take a paycut so they can make a big splash in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes next summer.

Winslow is a lock-down defender who has all the skills to become a great scorer and all-around player. He’s the perfect young compliment to an aging Wade, so long as the All-Star decides to stay in South Beach.

Regardless of what Wade wants to do, Pat Riley and co. have to feel like picking Winslow gives them a bit of an advantage in negotiations. Should Wade give the team an ultimatum, they now have a fall-back option in a young star in waiting. It will be VERY interesting to see how things go down when free agency starts next week.