Why OSU is Lifting Campus Ban on Terrelle Pryor for 1 Day – BlackSportsOnline
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Why OSU is Lifting Campus Ban on Terrelle Pryor for 1 Day


Terrelle Pryor can return to his university, for a one day practice trip with his current NFL team.

Pryor, the recipient of a five-year ban from Ohio State and the NCAA, can return to the shoe with the Browns for a scrimmage if he’s still on the roster.

“He should be allowed to participate as a member of the Cleveland Browns when they are on campus at Ohio State in August, if he is a member of the team,” an Ohio State spokesman confirmed Wednesday. “His participation should be identical to that of all team members, with no special accommodations provided to him due to his Ohio State affiliation.”

Pryor can’t officially be welcomed back to Ohio State until next year, after he received a ban for not cooperating with the NCAA when Ohio State was investigated in 2011 for charges that ultimately led sanctions including — a bowl ban, scholarship losses, vacated wins and the end of his career as well as Jim Tressels.