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Fox News Keith Albow’s Thoughts on Men Punching Ladies (Video)


Fox News doctor Keith Albow had some very interesting remarks on the Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a woman at a bar, and furthermore on the taboo topic of men hitting women.

Here is the controversial video below of Albow’s insight on the incident.

Albow doesn’t agree with men hitting women, but gives reasons why men when provoked gives odd reasoning for why it is occurring more and more.

Fox News anchor Steve Doocy goes to straight the question and asks his opinion on hitting women.

“Doocy: We all know a man should never hit a woman, right?

Ablow: Well that’s what I was raised with Steve, and I still go with that philosophy, but you know what?”

I was raised no matter what the situation, hitting women is just wrong and unacceptable.

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but what you think on men hitting women?

Let’s hear your opinions both ladies and gentlemen.