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Jags Clint Session Allegedly Hiding Money to Not Support Disabled Child

Clint Sessions

Clint Session is an ex-NFL linebacker and apparently a current dead beat dad according to some court documents. Sessions broke up with the childs mother shortly before the birth of their special needs daughter. The issues began when Sessions failed to pay Davia Bradshaw for the child’s care. The payments were random and one check even bounced. So Bradshaw took Session to court and this is where it gets crazy.

Via New Times,

When Bradshaw took her ex to court to establish a routine pay schedule, Session represented himself, claiming he had no income, not even enough money to hire an attorney. What was really happening was some financial sleight of hand. Bradshaw’s legal team subpoenaed Session’s bank records and hired a forensic accountant, which revealed that between October 2011 and November 2012, before Ashton’s birth and the developmental issues came to light, Session had handed over $5.1 million to his parents—“an attempt,” in the words of Judge Arthur Birken, “to circumvent and specifically intended to avoid paying his proper child support obligation.”

So before the daughter was born and before the issues were discovered, Session was already starting to hide his cash. That’s not all, as last year Session reportedly dropped over $850K on a new home and bought other luxurious items.

“At no time did the Respondent/Father explain where, for what and whom these monies came,” the judge wrote.

Sessions got caught nasty style and to purposely try to neglect a special needs child is incredibly low. The judge rulled in favor of Bradshaw but Session has failed to pay. This led to a shouting match between the Bradshaw and Session outside the court. Judge Birken had to recuse himself after that because he stated it was impossible to remain neutral. This only slows matters more while the daughter suffers. After getting caught Session should stand up and do the right thing for his daughter Ashton who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, and a brain defect. The child is near blind and relegated to a wheelchair.