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Joe Johnson’s Beef With Deron Williams Revealed


The Deron Williams and Joe Johnson backcourt is over in Brooklyn and can be considered a failure. D-Will is moving on after being waived by the Nets. The Nets have announced that they have no plans to get rid Joe Johnson. The question becomes why was this backcourt that was once thought to have so much promise such a failure.

Nets Daily is reporting that Deron injuries were not the only issues with the backcourt and that Joe and Deron never got along. Highlighting various subtweets and post game interviews were Joe tagged the team as selfish and underachievers. The report even highlighted Joe’s tweet last November to be about him and Deron Williams relationship.

This is all reports and speculation but there is no denying that the team has struggled since being brought together. KG and Paul Pierce seemingly couldn’t wait to get out of Brooklyn after the club acquired them. Jason Kidd left a team that made the playoffs to coach a group of young players in Milwaukee. They are also reporting that insiders with the team expect Joe Johnson to have a comeback year.

Various sources inside the Nets have suggested that the departure of D-Will is likely to help Johnson rebound. It was no secret that Brooklyn’s Backcourt didn’t get along…One insider, asked after the buyout if the Nets were still pursuing a Johnson trade, firmly said no. He volunteered there was probably no one more pumped about the buyout than Johnson. “I am sure Joe will have a tremendous season,” he added with a smile.

Head Coach Lionel Hollins said this about Joe Johnson after the KG trade.

“Joe has stepped up and been more of a verbal leader than everyone says he ever was.”

Around this same time, Brooklyn moved Deron Williams to the bench.

H/t: CBS