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Michael Irvin On Where Cowboys Finish Without Dez


The Dallas Cowboys seem intent on playing a dangerous game of chicken with Dez Bryant. Would the Cowboys be able to withstand Bryant missing several games?

Michael Irvin believes Dallas would return to the mediocre 8-8 years.

Irvin told Will Brinson of CBS Sports that it’s another 8-8 season at best, if Jerry Jones and company don’t get Bryant signed long-term.

What happens if Dez is on the sidelines for multiple games? According to Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, it’s another 8-8 season at best, Will Brinson of CBS Sports.com reports.

“Who really has the leverage here? You think you’re going on that football field without Dez Bryant? I was reading the articles today buddy,” Irvin told “The Rich Eisen Show. “I was reading about how great Terrance Williams is doing. All that stuff is for Dez to read. It’s easy to do great in minicamp.

“But if you think you see better than 8-8 without Dez Bryant, I’m telling you, you will not see better than 8-8 without 88.”

Irvin doesn’t think Bryant will sit out the entire season, but He does, believe Bryant’s willing to miss games if the Cowboys don’t give him a big contract.

“Dez is not going to miss the whole season. He’s not going to do that. He’ll make his point and hold out a game,” Irvin said. “$800,000 is a lot of money. But not when it’s on top of $13 million. I think Dez can make due with $12 million. He’ll sit out if he won’t get it but he won’t sit out the year.”

The Cowboys have about 24 hours to get serious and stop playing with that man.