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Nuggets President Suggest Ty Lawson Showed Up To Practices Drunk


Ty Lawson was traded to the Houston Rockets from the Denver Nuggets earlier this week after his second DUI-related arrest in 6 months. Nuggets’ president Josh Kroenke acknowledged that Lawson’s personal issues had been a concern for a while.

The problems have been there for several years, going back to when we were having a lot of success,” Kroenke told Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears.

Kroenke didn’t stop there, he seemed to suggest that Lawson even would show up to practice intoxicated.

“I don’t want to go back too far. There were just a lot of times where you were at practice and you just knew. You could smell it. You knew there is probably deeper issues then he would probably let on.”

Lawson’s issues with drinking start much sooner than this year. Back in 2008, while attending the University of North Carolina, Lawson was ordered to spend 30 days in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

I’m really not a fan of Kroenke airing out Lawson’s dirty laundry. Just because the relationship didn’t work doesn’t mean you should expose someone’s dirt. Despite the DUI’s, I feel Lawson needed a change of scenery and the Houston Rockets maybe a good fit.

HT: TheScore