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Roy Hibbert On ‘Playing For A Coach Who Actually Played In The NBA’


Roy Hibbert seems to believe that Frank Vogel would have understood how to properly utilize him in Indiana, if he had played in the NBA.

In a recent Q&A with David Aldridge, Hibbert talked about the trade that sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers, and what specifically excited him about Byron Scott.

And I wanted to play for a coach who actually played in the league if I had my own choice. Not to say that Frank [Vogel] wasn’t great. I had some real good times with Frank and we played well. But I told my agent that I possibly wanted to play for a coach that played in the league.

For Hibbert, it wasn’t about X’s and O’s, but more about a coach being able to understand just what he’s going through as a player.

Just playing for [Brian] Shaw (the Pacers’ former associate head coach under Vogel), he went through the things that a player has gone through. He had a lot of real good insight to help myself, my game, with other guys on the court. Because he went through those things.

Not every coach who once played in the NBA is successful or easy to play for, but I understand what Hibbert is trying to say.