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Steelers Players Dont Know Who Pats Backup QB Is

Mike Tomlin

Tom Brady’s suspension has been upheld (for now).

Their week 1 opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, better start preparing for option number 2 on the Patriots QB depth chart then, right?

First they better learn the name of that player, though, or at the very least what number he wears.

Linebacker Jarvis Jones told Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Wednesday that he has “no idea” who Garoppolo is.

Rookie first-round draft pick Bud Dupree was equally perplexed, but he got on the right track with a little help from Starkey.

“I’m not really familiar with Jimmy Garoppolo…” Dupree said. “Oh, OK, the quarterback. So we just have to prepare for a different kind of person and watch the little bit of film we do have on him.”

Of course, there’s still the strong possibility that Brady is allowed to play during the court process. However, in football (and particularly while playing the Patriots) it’s best to be prepared for every scenario.

So for these Steelers players who are still confused as to who the Patriots would have playing in place of Brady on week 1, they better get familiar.

September 10th is quickly approaching, and can’t get here soon enough for the fans.

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