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Bob McNair On Signing Ray Rice In Foster’s Absence

McNair, Luck

When it was first announced that the Houston Texans were going to be apart of Hard Knocks, I was a little skeptical. I honestly didn’t think they would be interesting enough to hold my attention; most anyone had to look forward to was J.J. Watt. Much to my surprise, the Texans have become one of my favorite organizations; they are really raw. One of the most notable people of the organization, owner Bob McNair, is hoping that someone can step in as Running Back while their star, Arian Foster, heals from an injury that happened during camp. The name Ray Rice popped up, as usual whenever a team is in the market for a RB, and well, lets just say McNair wont be looking to call him. At all.

“I think I’d want to talk with our players and I don’t know that that’s something that they would like,” McNair said, via “We want people that fit in our locker room. As I said, it’s all about teamwork. And look, we’ve got four good running backs. I don’t know that he’s as good as any of the four we’ve got. I don’t see anybody else trying to sign him, so I think that’s a pretty good indication of where he stands.”

So, basically McNair is saying “No shade, but nah”.  He put it as real as possible and its the absolute truth. I personally think teams are looking to rid themselves of people who can bring bad energy to the locker room and cause the organization to be talked in a negative light. It’s too many players out here being incredibly reckless and it looks like the Houston Texans want no parts of it.

H/T: ProFootballTalk