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Brandi Blasts Draya On IG For Fake “Cancer is Boring” Apology

Brandi Maxiell and Draya

An episode of Basketball Wives LA aired tonight that showed a mean side of Draya.  She let her fellow cast-mate, Brandi Maxiell, know that she felt her storyline about surviving cancer was ‘boring’.  Draya has been catching heat for her hurtful words ever since VH1 aired clips of the episode earlier this week so she took to Instagram to send an apology to Brandi.

Of course, Brandi did not accept Draya’s apology and said Draya is only apologizing now for publicity.

The episode was filmed back in February, so why wait until now to apologize to Brandi? I think the apology was really fake and Draya is only doing it to save face.  She’s really showing a new side on this season of Basketball Wives, and not one that a lot of people are liking.  For someone to say cancer is ‘boring’ is just disgusting.  People die everyday from the disease and Brandi sharing her story on television has probably helped a lot of people who have had cancer or even still have it now.  Draya should think about what she says before she says it. Do you guys think Draya’s apology was genuine or just a PR spin?

If you’re just here for pics of Draya…

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