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Tim Tebow Laid Hands to Break Up Eagles-Ravens Practice Fight


The power of Tim Tebow was on display once again at the Eagles-Ravens scrimmage today. Via YardBarker,

If a person was asked to name the most likely NFL player who would be capable of breaking up a fight during a tense and heated training camp scrimmage between two hard-fighting teams, you better believe most folks would say Tim Tebow.

And apparently that was indeed the case as the quarterback reportedly played the role of peace-making inventor when a scuffle broke out in the end zone during a scrimmage between his Philadelphia Eagles teammates and members of the Baltimore Ravens.

Sure, he didn’t actually “Wow!” anybody with his arm or intellect, but he did break up the fight quickly enough so that nobody’s jaw got broken. That’s a plus.

Tebow remains on a quest to find a steady home and/or position in the NFL, but maybe he should just consider becoming a full time body guard for the teams.

There’s a fight nearly everyday and, after all, you may not think you need a body guard – but that’s only until you actually need a body guard. *Suge Knight Voice*