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3 of Top BBall Recruits Contemplating All Going to Same School


It’s pretty crazy every year when John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats gets to have four or five McDonald All-Americans play on the same team. Imagine if three of the Top 25 on ESPN 60’s Class of 2017 were controlling where they play as a package deal?

That’s exactly what the Number 3 recruit Michael Porter Jr. is saying.

The Missouri native who has his own USA Today’s High School Basketball blog, wrote after the Elite 24 Classic confirming that him and Number 25 recruit Trae Young will be playing together in college. Now they’re in talks with the Number 1 Overall player in the Class of 2017 on ESPN and Scout, DeAndre Ayton.

It’s hard to narrow your college choices for yourself, can they all agree on one college that will work for them to be themselves on the court?

Porter Jr. and Young have become very close and college coaches have been offering to both, and now Ayton has become close to Michael after playing in the NBPA Top 100 camp. That AAU relationship developed even further after both were selected to play in the Elite 24 game.

Porter Jr. has offers from Kansas, Duke, Washington, Missouri and Virginia. One interesting side note is coach Lorenzo Romar is his godfather, and Porter admits that helps the Huskies a little.

I’m sure people will want to know if him being my godfather gives Washington an edge, and I’ll definitely say that it helps them. I don’t know if I would’ve looked at Washington as close if he wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t say it gives them a lead.

One thing we can agree on is Porter Jr. sounds very honest. Young, Ayton, and himself will all enjoy the college recruitment process.

Check out these video clips of Ayton, Porter Jr., and Young to see how devastating all three would be on one team.

If Ayton joins the Porter Jr. and Young package, college coaches will really have sell a different pitch to land them.

I guess will wait on Michael for the next college update since the junior got his own blog and all.