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BSO 2015 NFL Season Preview & Super Bowl Predictions


The 2015 NFL season brings as many questions as it does answers, will Peyton show age, can Rodgers stay healthy, will the Patriots cave to distractions and will Seattle bounce back from their Super Bowl loss? Couple those questions with the fact that for the first time in almost a decade we see a new generation of elite QBs rising at the same time and this NFL season is as hard to predict as any in recent years.

Every NFL team enters the season with a reason to be optimistic that their team is better than last year’s and for a handful of teams an NFL championship is within their grasp. Before I break down each division the BSO Staff gave their Super Bowl predictions for the 2015 season and a few of their predictions may shock you.

Erika F. – (W) Packers vs Broncos 

The loss of Jordy Nelson is a tough one but it’s nothing the Packers can’t overcome. The Broncos need to redeem themselves after that terrible Super Bowl 48 against the Seahawks. However, I have the Packers winning it all.

Belal A. – (W) Colts vs Packers

Indy gets the win and Luck caps off an MVP season with a title.

Mark G. – (W) Seahawks vs Broncos.

Seahawks win.

Donnie B. – (W) Cowboys vs Colts

I believe this years Super Bowl will feature the Indianapolis coats and the Dallas Cowboys. Andrew Luck is set to have an amazing year. He will only grow off of last years impressive seaman because of Frank Gore and a rushing attack.

I think the Cowboys really found something last year. They proved doubters wrong, won the NFC east, won a playoff game and were a matter of inches away from winning a second playoff game. This year they are missing Demarco Murray but have a solid oline and Dez Bryant will prove to be the best wide receiver in NFL

Dallas 31 vs Colts 27

Sammie L. –  (W) Seahawks vs Colts

In a wild twist, the Seahawks will make it to the super bowl yet again, but this time, they will face the Colts. In what it should have been last season, the two teams, one with a high-octane aerial attack and the other with a slashing running game, will go head to head for it all. 

Kevin K. – (W) Patriots vs Seahawks

We’re gunna get a rematch of last year, it’s going to be Pats and ‘Hawks again – same outcome. Brady and Belichick are going to be TOO motivated for anybody to stop them this year. Their intensity will bleed through to the team stronger than ever before, and they’ll dominate the AFC in the playoffs.

Seahawks have maintained an enormous core from their Super Bowl winning team, and the players know it’s impossible to keep them all together much longer. This will go hand-in-hand with Seattle’s embarrassing loss from last years Super Bowl for motivation and they’ll avoid the vaunted “hangover”.

Josh D. – (W) Broncos vs Packers

Peyton Manning goes out like John Elway.

BC Habties – (W) Seahawks vs  Colts 

Last year’s 1 yard debacle is motivation for Pete Carrol’s squad. Led by Russell Wilson, Beastmode and the best defensive unit in football proves to be too much for Andrew Luck and company. Seahawks 30, Colts 24

Daniel S. – (W) Packers vs Colts

Losing Jordy Nelson definitely tempers my enthusiasm on the Packers going the distance this year, but their WR core is still pretty deep and talented and you still have Aaron Rodgers and Fat Eddie in the backfield. I think they will clip the Seahawks this year in a rematch in the NFC title game and find a way to knock off Andrew Luck for the Lombardi Trophy.
Luck – (W) Patriots vs Seahawks
Same result as SB49.
Kel D. – (W) Eagles vs Colts
Chip Kelly finally puts all of the pieces to a championship puzzle together and his improved running game, which features bigger downhill runners, holds up through the playoffs. Andrew Luck propels the Colts dynamic offense past both Brady and Manning on his way to his first SB appearance. The Colts defense doesn’t hold up in the SB and allows the Eagles to jump out to a big lead early, which Luck can’t overcome. Eagles 37 – Colts 27

Glenn E. – (W) Eagles vs Ravens

Eagles win because Chip Kelly has assembled the deepest team in franchise history.  Sam Bradford will resemble the guy that was the No.1 pick.  DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles will run teams out of the building.  On defense the Eagles are faster  where they have to be and bigger in crucial spots as well. Eagles Win 31-21


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