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Giants Safety Landon Collins ‘Dares’ Tony Romo To Test Him

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Landon Collins has got it twisted, but Tony Romo was going to test him regardless.

The New York Giants rookie safety definitely has his trash-talk game down, ahead of his first matchup against the vaunted Dallas Cowboys.

Collins was baited by Romo, who alluded to licking his chops about facing the Giants young secondary during a Wednesday conference call with reporters covering New York.

“Obviously, there are matchups I’ll be looking for,” Romo said. “I’m not going to deliver those to you guys right now but I think that it’s all a part of the game and just understanding.”

Collins, the 33rd overall pick in this year’s draft took the bait and added his own assessment.

“Tony Romo said he’s looking for key matchups,” Collins said, according to the Giants official website. “If he’s going to look for key matchups, he’s going to pick on me. … I’m a rookie, but I mean, he comes towards my way, and he won’t be happy.”

Collins then added, “He’s the best, so he can say what he wants. I’m a rookie.”

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