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Kevin Gates Diss Track to Girl He Kicked at Show (Video)

Kevin Gates Kick

After being charged with battery for kicking Miranda Dixon at his show, Kevin Gates has released some what of a diss track to Dixon called ‘The Truth’.

Via Rap Genius, Gates says:

She grabbed my d*ck, I overreacted, I’m sorry , two or three times I had already warned her
, edit that part out, I don’t like to argue
, my children go with me to every performance. Wrong you should have respect for yourself
, you a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself
, ever been disrespected, you know how it felt
, you don’t have to like me go love someone else

While the video millions of people have seen only showed Dixon grabbing his shorts, Gates is suggesting she touched him inappropriately.  Even if she did grab his penis, was a kick in the chest too much? He could’ve easily had her escorted out of the venue. Artist do that all the time.