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Parsons Talks DeAndre Jordan Again, Says Mavs Were Screwed

Chandler Parsons and DeAndre Jordan

Chandler Parsons is still crying about DeAndre Jordan jumping ship from Dallas to resign with the Clippers. He sat with Alex Wong of GQ to talk DeAndre Jordan and if the two have talked since the incident. Parson continues to push that he didn’t like how the situation with Jordan ended. How hurt he was that Jordan changed his mind at the last minute without notify him. Especially after the work Parsons put in to recruit Jordan.

Parsons…flew himself to Los Angeles, found out who Jordan was working out with, and started working out with that person during his rehab. He had dinner with Jordan for five straight nights at one point. The recruiting process was described elsewhere as an “Entourage-style romp” through the hottest clubs and most exclusive nightspots in Los Angeles and Houston.

Parsons then talked to Wong about his relationship with Jordan.

“It isn’t the same as it once was….He didn’t do anything illegal. I’m not mad at him. At the end of the day, he’s a grown man and he’s entitled to do whatever he wants…He’s one of the best young centers in the NBA, and I wanted to play with him. He could have made us great. But he screwed us over.”

That all sucks and Jordan could handle things better but time to get over it. Its DeAndre Jordan not 2003 Shaq, heck its not even 2007 Shaq. Parsons needs to focus on rehabbing and making Dallas’ season opener. Maybe if Parsons was 100% then Jordan would’ve went ahead and signed with Dallas. Parsons seems to be taking this harder than Cuban.

H/t: Uproxx