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Chandler Parsons Had Microfracture Knee Surgery In May

Mavs concerend with Parsons injury

Finally we know what type of knee surgery Mavs Chandler Parsons underwent this past May. ESPN is reporting that Parson surgery was minor hybrid microfracture surgery. Typically with microfracture surgery tiny fractures are created to help cartilage to develop but Parsons surgery was different. ESPN has the details on how Parsons surgery was different for the conventional approach.

Sources told that the operation, which was performed by team physician T.O. Souryal, included a bone marrow transplant from Parsons’ right hip to help regenerate the cartilage damage from late last season that caused him to miss all but one game of the playoffs.

The location of the cartilage damage was in the “best possible spot,” a source said, because it is in a non-weight-bearing area of the knee. That was the primary reason that a traditional microfracture surgery, which would require a longer recovery period, was not necessary.

Parsons injured his knee during the Mavs vs Rockets 1st round game this past postseason.