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Marry, Kill, Smash; Save Your Fantasy Football Season

Fantasy Football week 6

The Fantasy Football season has almost reached the half way point. The NFL Fantasy Football grim reaper has been collecting players’ bodies for the graveyard. Whether it’s due to injury, this past week many fantasy owners saw their championship hopes crushed with Jamal Charles. Or poor performance like Matthew Stafford getting benched for his back-up after an embarrassing home loss. Hopefully you’ve been spared by the reaper and you’re not in dire needs. If so now is a great time to pull off some trades against some desperate owners and come up big winners. Make sure you target a good player in trade to marry yourself to for the rest of the season. Don’t be afraid to offer two players for one or one player for two. Either way that will allow you to kill off some dead weight on your team.

Marry= Chris Johnson
Never would’ve thought before the season started that Chris Johnson would be on this list. After a tortuous offseason which included being shot CJ, most thought that when he signed with the Cardinals he’d be nothing about a 3rd string back. Then injuries lead to CJ getting the opportunity start for the Cardinals and he’s succeeded. CJ 2nd in the league in rushing yards with a great 5.1 yards per carry average. CJ doesn’t look to be slowing down.

Kill= Matthew Stafford
I think we all have seen this coming. Stafford 1 touchdown to 3 interceptions on Sunday sealed his fate. Historically Stafford has struggled to find the end zone over his career but usually managed to be a decent fantasy QB by piling up a bunch of yards. And if your league rewards 300/400 yard games Stafford could be huge. However this season Stafford is has failed to throw over 300 yards in a game. His 8 interceptions and 1 fumble are a big liability to any fantasy team. To make matters worse Stafford was benched Sunday for Dan Orlovsky. Time to Kill Stafford.

Smash= Chicago Bears Defense
All you have to do to understand why now you should smash the Bears defense is read why you should kill Stafford. Bears play the Lions this week and Stafford will be starting at QB again. Lions struggle to score points no matter who is at QB. Lions have absolutely no running game; worst rank running game in the league. Even if Stafford doesn’t throw another 3 picks the Lions still have a low 16 points per game average.