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Will Cassel Make a Difference as Cowboys Likely Week 7 Starter?

Matt Cassel

Those same Cowboys’ fans that have been crying for years about every mistake Tony Romo makes are now wishing he was back. The team started off 2-0 with two divisions wins over the Giants and Eagles but it came at a cost. They loss Dez Bryant during Week 1 but Romo and his supporting cast were able to work some late game magic edging out a 27-26 win over Giants. Romo was beat up during Week 2, eventually being sidelined with a broken collarbone which will keep him out of action for a minimum of 8 weeks. Backup quarterback Brandon Weeden was able to finishing the game going 7-7 for 73 yards and a touchdown sealing the victory for the Cowboys but what has he done since?

During Week 3 the Cowboys loss running back Lance Dunbar for the season after tearing his ACL. Dunbar served as the team’s Swiss Army knife. He did a little bit of everything and played a major role in the team’s short passing attack. His speed and quickness made him an unstoppable force in the open field. Although Weeden has completed a high percentage of his passes, the Cowboys offense looks pathetic. The running game looks weak, Weeded can’t find an open receiver up the field and no one has been able to be the spark plug the offense is missing without Dez and Romo. But is help on the way?

Reports are that the Cowboys are “highly likely” to replace Weeden with Cassel but will that make much of a difference?

Without a doubt Cassel will bring a spark. He was acquired two weeks ago for the Bills and has another two weeks to prepare for the New York Giants if they decided to make a quarterback change. The team defense has played pretty well but are getting worn down in the second half due to the quick 3-and-outs the offense continue to produce but it’s not really Weeden’s fault. Without Dez and Romo the team is very predictable and lacks any fire power. Teams are just stacking the back, doubling Jason Witten and daring Weeden to try to connect with Terence Williams, Cole Beasley or any other receivers on the field. None of them are able to consistently beat the coverage which would make themselves a target for Weeden. It’s also worth noting that Weeden has a 0-11 record in the last 11 games he has started and 5-19 overall. Cassel hasn’t been great in his career as his 34-38 record shows but he does have better a track record. He made the Pro Bowl 2010 and switching to him is really the only options.

With Romo out for 5 more weeks, the offense losing confidence and the defense being burnt out, it’s time to make a move. Cassel maybe able to will them to a win soon but a potential Dez Bryant Week 7 return would be a huge asset for Cassel. Dez has the ability to shift defenses. His presence alone will stop teams from stacking the box, doubling Witten and playing so much man coverage. Ever aspect of the offense should benefit if Dez is able to play. With all this in mind, yes it is time to make a move at quarterback. Yes, Matt Cassel will help the team a little, mainly as a spark plug but no, the team isn’t out of harms way just yet. The team needs to find a way to tread water and hope no one take a huge lead in the NFC East. With their new and improved D-Line and solid secondary, once their stars Dez and Romo return, they have as big of a shot as anyone else to win the division as long as they are still above water.

HT: BleacherReport