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Bears Bennett On ‘1-Dimensional’ Jimmy Graham Not Blocking Worth Sh*t


Martellus Bennett has grown tired of the ‘pass catching’ tight ends getting all the credit.

The mercurial Bennett led all NFL tight ends with 90 receptions in 2014, but was overshadowed by the Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates’ of the world.

On Thursday while talking to Jeff Dickerson of, Bennett unloaded on all the “one-dimensional” tight ends in the NFL.

You see Jimmy [Graham]. Jimmy can’t block worth s—. They get a lot of credit and a lot of love. But Julius Thomas doesn’t block anybody. Antonio Gates doesn’t really block anybody. But they do a great job in the passing game. It all depends on the system that they’re in.

Bennett wasn’t done.

“I have to kick a– at the line of scrimmage and kick a– down the field,” Bennett said. “Those guys are pass-catching tight ends, and they get that freedom to run down the field. Nobody is asking them to pass-protect or be one-on-one with the No. 1 pass-rusher.”

Since 2013, only Jimmy Graham has produced at a higher clip among tight ends in the NFL.

Martellus Bennett vs. Top Tight Ends (2013-Present)
Name Games Receptions Rec. Yards Rec. TD Targets
Martellus Bennett 39 192 1,999 13 280
Jimmy Graham 40 209 2,554 28 322
Antonio Gates 35 168 1,936 18 244
Julius Thomas 30 118 1,379 25 172

Bennett has come a long way from his days in Dallas as a bumbling, underachieving star in the waiting. His comments warrant having a conversation about who and what truly is a tight end these days.

Made add another position to the offense like ‘tight-receiver?’