If Cam Newton is a Thug, What Do You Think Society Thinks of Black Men? – BlackSportsOnline
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If Cam Newton is a Thug, What Do You Think Society Thinks of Black Men?

Cam Newton

Most people have no idea what a THUG really is.

They may have heard it in a rap song or people loosely call themselves thugs, but the reality is you don’t want to meet a real thug.

Where I grew up, thugs didn’t grow up to be on the Red Zone channel, but when you are black male in our society you carry the burden of every stereotype known to man.

Cameron Newton is no more of a thug than Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. They only difference is he is black and when they can’t call you a nigger they call you a thug.

Drew Stanton can celebrate like a crazy person on the sidelines, it is the highlight of the day. Carson Palmer can crotch chop fans and no speaks on it at all.  Ronda Rousey doesn’t touch gloves and people still feel sorry for her because she lost.

Black man doing a dance in the crowd? He must be a thug, ghetto and a criminal in our society.

You are probably thinking only trolls say things like that, but you will be surprised who has these thoughts.

Case in point.

Andrew Coleman Thug

Andrew Coleman Thug 2

Follower of Christ?

Cam will be fine, he is a millionaire quarterback a lot of people are jealous of that. A lot of people don’t want black men to succeed or be in a position of power. A lot people just don’t want black people in general to be happy at all.  Strong black men, make weak insecure white men nervous.

What concerns me is if people think that about Cam Newton, what do you think they think about the black kid applying for a job or black man applying for a loan?

What do you think the police think when they see a black man driving, walking or even breathing in their presence?

When I say that as a black man as soon as we walk out the door we are down 14-0, this is what I mean. Before we leave the house we are seen as thugs, criminals, troublemakers, not intelligent, ghetto, violent and so much more.

So, try to remember if you aren’t black and you want to know why we are always bringing up race or why we are always fighting for our rights and protesting, this is why.  We don’t want to be treated special, but just human and as equals.

No one gives us the benefit the doubt, meaning people have negative opinions on us before even knowing us. That is a heavy burden to carry for your entire life, no matter if you working a regular 9-5 or leading a team to an undefeated record.