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Nazi Symbols on NYC Subway: Never A Good Idea (Photos)

Man in the High Castle Subway

‘The Man in the High Castle’ is a new series being produced for Amazon Studios about a world where Nazi Germany won World War 2 and joined with Japan in taking over the US. So obviously you understand that there would be a lot of Nazi symbolism on the show that makes its way to the marketing. So what you get is New York City subway car seats plastered with Nazi symbols that make me cringe just looking at it in a picture. Whenever I see a commercial for it just seeing that symbol makes me uneasy so I can imagine those more personally connected to these atrocities.

I have absolutely no problem with a series of this nature. It sounds like an intriguing concept that must make for some good storytelling. Blanketing a subway with these is just bad marketing. This campaign is just wrong on so many levels and many will not even understand that this is just some Amazon show being promoted. Maybe they were counting on this kind of bad press to get some publicity for the show. I don’t know, but I think whoever approved this on the MTA side needs to lose their job. In such a sensitive time, this can promote some angry feelings.


H/T: The Gothamist