Vegas Dave Bets $100K On Royals to Win WS… Wins $2.5 Million – BlackSportsOnline
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Vegas Dave Bets $100K On Royals to Win WS… Wins $2.5 Million

Vegas Dave Royals

Vegas Dave is a professional gambler and he’s been cleaning up with his bets this year. Dave just set a Las Vegas Sports Book record thanks to the Royals World Series victory.

“I believed in K.C. I saw something that the so-called experts didn’t see in Week 1 when the were picked to finish at the bottom of the division. They were +3,000 odds! I was right, they were wrong, as K.C. ended up having the best overall record in the AL. They had home field throughout the playoffs and the World Series. … But bottom line the deciding factor of why I believed K.C. would win was the bullpen.”

Sure, there are a ton of stats that could’ve pointed at the Royals winning the World Series but the intangible aspects are why Dave ultimately chose the team.

“K.C. is a team of destiny. … I believed in this team when no one else did and still do. Not to mention the city of Kansas City needs this. K.C. winning the World Series will bring excitement to that city. The city needs this crown.”

Dave will be handed his check sometime this week and it’ll be the largest payout for a ‘future bet’ in Vegas history.

“A $2.5 million payout off a $100,000 future bet is the biggest future bet cashed in the history of sports betting. I will be forever remembered for this worldwide. … I have been wrong many times in my 15-year, sports-betting career, but most of the time I’m right. I hoped to be right again most of all for my parents. I promised them to buy them their dream home if this ticket cashed.”

I need to befriend this guy and start making some big bucks.