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Agent on Lakers Having No Idea What The Hell They Are Doing


The Lakers are having a nightmare season, they gave the Sixers their first win of the year and they even have agents coming at their neck, at least one.

An anonymous agent ripped the front office by saying they don’t have a clue on what they are doing.

“In dealing with them, you sense there’s no plan and no leadership,” Agent X said. “That is not meant to be a knock on GM Mitch Kupchak — he is one of the most honest people in the NBA, and if every GM in the league was as easy to negotiate a deal with as Kupchak, things would be a lot easier for guys like me. But you definitely get the sense that he is not able to choose what he thinks is best for his team….Drafting Russell made no sense on any level; the Lakers’ best player outside of Kobe was a point guard, Jordan Clarkson,” Agent X said. “Not only that, but Byron Scott had already proved to be unable to think outside the box and properly utilize a lineup in which two point guards shared the floor.”

These are strong words for someone who doesn’t have the courage to put a name behind his words but that might explain a lot in what is happening with the Lakers. A prestigious franchise which hasn’t been able to attract a big name the last three years, some people blamed Kobe but I don’t think he is the one making the ultimate decisions. Lakers are so out of sync defensively and offensively, you would hope that Byron Scott would make some adjustments to help the team but our agent has some insight on that topic as well.

“In dealing with the Lakers you never get the impression that Byron Scott has a great deal of interest in choosing his roster,” Agent X said of the Lakers coach. “I have dealt with him in his two other stops in Cleveland and New Orleans, and he’s never struck me as a person who was going to take responsibility for anything more than he had to.”

Magic Johnson who has been very critical of the front office would certainly agree with this agent. Byron Scott will have to show some improvement very soon otherwise once the media is over Kobe’s retirement announcement, he will have more to worry about than an anonymous agent quote. The Lakers fans will not tolerate this mediocrity for much longer and someone will have to pay for it.