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Cam Newton Doesn’t Get Fined For Handing Ball to Kids, Stop RT This

Cam Newton Fines

We are in an age where someone can tweet something 100000000% false, but people will still retweet it like it is 10000000% truth.

Each week the NFL sends out a fine list, I get this list and Cam Newton has never been on it. Don’t you think if Newton who is 13-0 and the talk of all media was being fined over $5k for handing footballs to little kids we in the media would know about it?

Newton has had a couple of games that he has scored 4-5 TDs, that would be over a $20k fine. Do you really think that would slip under the radar and only some random Twitter user would uncover it?

We are in a media world that uncovers everything and players who are fined for socks, supporting cancer or humping goal posts are reported about immediately. But, you really think Cam being fined would have gone unnoticed?

Players are fined if they throw or punt the ball in the stands. It is considered a safety risk, but no player has ever been fined for handing a ball to a kid, fan or their mom. Cam and other players in the league who do this are awesome, no need to hype it up by lying.  If you were a media person who Retweeted this, do better.

Smarten Up Nas…….