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Did Mourinho Deserve to be Fired After Throwing Players Under the Bus?

Jose Mourinho was fired today after a disastrous start of the season. His Chelsea team, which won the league last season, is one point away from relegation. Mourinho, who started the season with a 4-year contract extension, was having his worst season as a coach.

Chelsea didn’t seem to get into the season from the start but it started to get worse when he publicly blamed the long time team doctor, Eva Carneiro for giving treatment to a player who was on the ground, Mourinho at the time said she needed to understand the game and use better judgment. Carneiro eventually quit after the embarrassment but the results were the same, Chelsea struggled to develop the type of performances that made them so deadly last year.

Chelsea key players like Hazard, Fabregas and Costa never found the rhythm this year and Jose Mourinho let the media know several times that they were under performing. That was the second big mistake for the coach, he started to lose his locker room even though the players came out and assured that everything was fine with their coach but you could clearly see they were not connecting with Mourinho anymore.

Mourinho during the downward spiral also made some controversial moves like refusing to attend one post game press conference or when he did, refused to answer questions. His last postgame interview may have sealed his fate at Chelsea. Mourinho recklessly threw his players under the bus and seemed to know he was done at Chelsea. You can watch the interview and judge for yourself.


Mourinho now has some time to contemplate what went wrong and get ready for his next challenge. He will certainly have a lot of opportunities because he still one of the best coaches in soccer but I’m sure he will tweak his methods a bit. For now he will watch Guus Hiddink try to save Chelsea nightmare season while sitting on his $55M payout after being fired so not all that bad for the Chosen One.