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ESPN Explains Why Rousey Dating Travis Browne TL Was Edited

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Regardless if you believe Travis Browne is a wife beater or not, one thing isn’t in dispute, he is still married. Rousey is indeed his mistress regardless if they are separated or not.

That happens all the time in our society, so in the grand scheme of things it is not a big deal, but what seems to be in dispute is when exactly did they start dating.

We can’t say for certain Ronda helped break up his marriage, but if she did, she isn’t the first man or woman to do that and won’t be the last.  ESPN originally stated in a well-written piece by Ramona Shelburne that they started dating in April, but it was then changed to early summer.

Larry Brown Sports does a good job of breaking it down.

The original article noted that the relationship between Browne and Rousey began in April, months before Browne’s wife Jenna Renee Webb accused him of domestic violence. The edited version stated that they began dating in “early summer.”

Browne wife’s posted these pics in July, by then they had separated.

Their divorce is currently pending.

Travis Browne Wife

Ironically, Browne’s defense to the accusations is that she was just mad he left her for someone else so she made up these claims (she wouldn’t be the first woman to falsely accuse their significant other after he left her).

But, guess who he left her for?

Ronda Rousey Rings

An ESPN spokesperson reached out to BSO and gave the following statement.

“It was an honest mistake that was a corrected to provide an accurate timeline of Rousey and Browne’s relationship.”

Ramona Shelburne is an excellent reporter, so I don’t think she would do anything that would put her integrity or reputation in jeopardy.   It is likely, that with all the editors, fact checkers and assorted people who handle a lengthy article like that, something just go lost in the translation.

It looked bad on the surface, but we can only hope it was indeed just a mistake. All we want from media is that everyone be treated the same from Rousey to Mayweather from Brady to Cam Newton.