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Fan Mocks Mom’s Letter to Cam, With Letter About Kelec’s Quan

Travis Kelce

Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce touchdown celebration had sparked a lot of attention this week. During the Buffalo Bills game Kelce after scoring a touchdown “Hit the Quan”. Actually it was a pretty good Quan. The video is below if you haven’t seen Kelce moves yet.

This video has a lot of folks wondering why Kelce did not have the negative attention that Cam Newton has received for his touchdown dances. ESPN’s Robert Flores saying there has been no outrage because Kelce isn’t black. One Chiefs fan had a similar opinion Kelce dancing that the Tennessee Titans mom had regarding Cam dancing. Mr. Danny Woods had enough of all the dancing and wrote Kelce to inform him that dancing it is unacceptable for football players.

Of course Danny Woods was joking in the letter to Kelce. My favorite part is that Woods acknowledge that just feet away from Kelce are cheerleaders dancing. That goes to show how hypocritical nature the criticism around this issue has become. Kelce saw the letter and added his apologizes.

H/t: Bleacher Report