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Mayweather Wants to Create Super Promotion with Haymon & Schaefer


Floyd Mayweather will go down as one of the greatest fighters of all-time and the best boxer of his generation. What he does as a promoter could very well place him amongst the most influential men in boxing history.

Mayweather spoke with’s Ben Thompson about setting himself up to be one of the biggest promoters in the boxing industry.

I would love to work with Richard Schaefer,” Mayweather said. “Sometimes in life, you get certain chess pieces that you want and you know with certain chess pieces that you get, you’re not going to lose. If you got Mayweather and [Al] Haymon and Richard Schaefer, that’s a win-win situation with us three working together. Richard Schaefer was the mastermind behind Canelo [Alvarez]. He helped take Canelo to the next level. Richard Schaefer is a real stand-up guy – a very, very stand-up guy.

Mayweather also commented on De La Hoya’s decision to part ways with Schaefer.

I don’t really understand this when I sit back right here and just think. How can Richard Schaefer help Oscar make unbelievable money as far as investments and … I would never do a guy wrong like that. That’s not right. I’m very, very blessed and very, very thankful. I’m sitting very, very well. You know, me and Al sit down and we have unbelievable talks about different fighters that we’re trying to take to the next level to surpass Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd’s business savvy is hard to deny. A possible Mayweather-Haymon-Schaefer trio could spell the end for other boxing promoters and push the world of boxing into an organization that resembles the UFC.

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