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Royalty Review: Chris Brown’s Versatility on Full Display

Chris Brown's Royalty album

Whether you like the guy or not, it’s truly remarkable that we’re at this point to witness Chris Brown’s 7th album. Not only does it show how naturally talented CB is, but it also speaks volumes to the fanfare he has.

This album is named after his beautiful one-year-old daughter, “Royalty”.

Throughout the album, it’s clear to notice the strong emphasis Brown put on versatility. If you’re a fan of R&B or Pop, there are tracks on here exactly for you.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive right into the music.

Brown's 7th album

“Back to Sleep” – This is a great tone setter for Chris Brown.

As you know, CB is a very busy guy.

Often times, you’ll see him skipping state-to-state to share his music with his fans. However, whenever he gets done, there’s a special lady he wants to make love to.

This beat has a ‘classic’ Breezy feel to it and of course, Brown doesn’t disappoint with his vocals.

See for yourself:

“Fine By Me” – Here’s the first of multiple ‘pop’ songs on the album. It’s easy to envision this song being played at your local club.

This track provides a very futuristic sound, which speaks to Brown’s versatility as an artist.

Traditional CB fans may not be too fond of this sound, but it’s okay because a different group of people will gravitate to it.

“Wrist” Feat. Solo Lucci – Rap fans?

Okay, this track is the closes thing to rap on “Royalty”. Solo Lucci is featured on this track and he provides two solid verses (sounds like Future).

However, Brown’s verse caught my eye because apparently he has ‘hittas in the cut’?

Cause my wrist still drippin’, 44’s still tip
In the cut with my hittas, no they do not miss
I’m a champagne pourin’ nigga, I love big asses and tits (Show me them tities)
And if you’re here just to witness, I just promise this

In the video, Brown reminds us of his unique dancing ability:

“Make Love” – From the multiple instruments in the background to Brown’s very soulful approach, there’s no other track on this album that sounds like this one.

This is one of those tracks your grandma can vibe out to in the car after Sunday service without worrying about explicit lyrics.

“Liquor” – Here’s the first single Brown released for the album and boy is it a relatable song.

There’s tons of individuals across the world that start feeling some type of way after a few drinks.

Brown knows about it all too well:

There’s something in this liquor, the air is getting thicker
I can’t help but to stare at you, oh yeah, girl what did you do to me?
What did you slip up in my cup, girl? Cause I want you, oh yeah
I had a little bit too much girl, so come over here

We feel you Breezy.

Chris Brown Royalty album

“Zero” – When hearing this song, it instantly made me want to dance like Michael Jackson.

It’s a feel good song and for people trying to get over their ex, I advise you to have this on repeat.

The hook perfectly describes the message:

 Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you, zero, zero
Gave a hundred percent but all I got from you, zero, zero
I thought you were the one, then you turned and run
Found somebody better, like I never met ya
Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you, zero, zero
(Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero)
That’s how many fucks I give, oh

Nonetheless, I must ask, if you give zero f*cks, why are you making a song about it, Chris?

“Anyway” – Personally, this is one of my least favorite songs on the album, but you can’t deny the fact that people can rock out to it.

Brown truly emphasized balance on this project, which is evident with the mixture of pure R&B and pop sounds.

“Picture Me Rollin” – Shoutout to Tupac.

With this being one of the warmest winters in recent memory, I advise you to blast this with the windows down, as you’re cruising through the city.

“Who’s Gonna (Nobody)” – When CB makes songs like this, it’s easy to tell he’s heavily influenced by old R&B.

This track is a spin-off from Keith Sweat’s “Nobody”, but Chris gives it his own flavor.

The chorus goes as the following:

Tell me who gon’ love you like me? Nobody
Who gon’ touch you like me? Nobody baby
Who’s gonna fuck you like Breezy? Nobody
Nobody yeah, say oh, you make me say oh

“Discover” – Unfortunately, Brown’s girl has officially left him, but he desperately wants her back.

His second verse explains it all:

 I’m guessing this is where it ends (You don’t even pick up for a nigga)
I know she’s calling all her friends (And they don’t like me, fuck y’all bitches)
They probably tryna take her out (All up in the VIP so they can take a picture)
And tryna find her ass a man, shit, make a nigga mad
Cause she know I’m hurting, she know that I’m hurting
Yeah she know I care, she know that I care
I can’t understand, know I treat you bad
But you don’t get me back like that, no, no
Oh, oh, I gotta get my baby, girl don’t leave me
All this crazy shit that you been dealing with it, you probably hate me, hey
Cause baby if you cheated, I couldn’t handle that
To know that another nigga is making you smile like

A lot of folks can relate with Chris here.

“Little Bit” – The verse kicks start this track, but what I found dope is how the beat drops following the verse, which leads into the pre-hook.

Of all the songs on this album, this one displays the perfect blend of R&B and pop.

Chris Brown gets emotional

“Proof” – Two words: pure emotion.

Breezy really poured his heart into this song. As you may have noticed, he seems to be going through a mid-life crisis when it comes to his love life or lack thereof.

This is a song that I advise not to listen to when drunk because you may slip up and call an ex or two.

Don’t believe me?

Well, just listen for yourself:

“No Filter” – On this one, Chris reverts to pop.

Of all the trends you’ve noticed about this project, two of the most prevalent things are that he loves to get on his level and finish the night off with sex.

If his first verse doesn’t back up my previous statement, then I don’t know what verse will.

 This juice got me loose, ain’t no use in holding
Tell me something on your mind
Slurring words, it’s got a mind of its own
When I’m on one, when I’m on one, I’m really on one, I’m really on one
I got a limo round my waist, put that milkshake in my face
Girl we fuck the night away
Lick your lips, girl that’s my taste
When I’m on one, when I’m on one, I’m really on one, I’m really on one

Brown dedicates song to daughter

“Little More” (Royalty) – Despite all of the deep tracks, it’s probably safe to say this one has the most raw emotion.

After all, Brown dedicated this to daughter, Royalty.

This song and video has the internet buzzing:

“Day One” – Ever since Drake came out with “No New Friends”, everyone has been on this ‘day one’ wave.

Ironically, Chris and Drake aren’t too fond of each other, but he still decided to go this route. The difference is Brown is referring a female, not his homies.

Let the chorus speak for itself:

 You’ve been down for me
Since day one, day one, day one, day one, day one, day one
And you’ve been riding for me girl
Since day one, day one, day one, day one, day one, day one
I knew you had my back girl
Since day one, day one, day one, day one, day one, day one
And I love you for that, you’re
My day one, day one, day one, day one, day one, day one shawty

“Blow it in the Wind” – When your hair is looking rough, odds are you confidence isn’t going to be as high as it would be with a fresh cut or hairdo.

That analogy describes how Chris was feeling when making this track. In the opening, he mentions how he gets lonely sometimes, but he quickly snaps out of it when he realizes he can have almost any girls he wants.

This is a great song to ride out to with your friends on a nice Saturday night.

“KAE” – After tons of back and forth, Brown finally sets the record straight towards the end of the album.

In this track, CB stressed the fact that he’s going to be “OKAE” without his former girl. In fact, she’s a stranger in his eyes now.


Oh, you’re supposed to love, with a love that’s official
Talking all that shit, it don’t mean
Fuck around and go missing, oh
And don’t try to make up cause I’m fine
Cause you’re a stranger in my eyes
Stranger in my eyes
You’re a stranger in my

“U Did It”. Feat Future – It seems like every time Future is featured on someone’s project, you could arguably say that song was the best.

This one is no different.

CB and Future both know all about bad breakups, so this was their opportunity to express their feelings in the studio together.

In this very touching song, they display great chemistry and Future’s authentic sound blends in perfectly with Brown’s vocals.

Enjoy it here:

Overall Statement: The versatility/vulnerability Chris Brown displayed on this album was brave and well executed. It transitioned song-to-song rather smoothly and while there were a couple of pop songs that I didn’t particularly like, you’ll be naive to belief a different audience won’t enjoy them. All in all, “Royalty” is a very good project and I’ll give it a solid 8 out of 10.