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When Playoff Time Comes Should Broncos Go Back To Peyton?

Brock Osweiler Peyton Manning

The Brock Osweiler era will continue for the Denver Broncos for now. The team announced that they would be sticking with their second round pick from 2012. Osweiler has been the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos for the past three games tallying a record of 3-1, his lost coming this past week against the Raiders.

The decision to keep Brock as the starter should not come as a surprise, Peyton Manning is still working his way back from a torn plantar fascia. Denver is getting an audition from a young quarterback that they believed in enough to invest a second round pick in before acquiring Manning.

Is that good enough to keep Peyton Manning on the sideline? We have seen this story before, the most memorable being Tom Brady. Could the Denver Broncos leave one of the greatest quarterbacks ever on the bench?

If the Broncos are concerned about their future, they will give the keys to Brock Osweiller and not look back. The leash for Peyton Manning has been non-existent this season, as he has had his most inconsistent season as a professional. Peyton has given us many memorable performances over the years, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything left in the tank for him.

We have seen organizations who don’t trust their young players or give them opportunities, and those organizations are usually very bad (i.e Cleveland Browns).  With Peyton Manning’s foot injury and an offensive line that let Khalil Mack sack their quarterback five times, its best that Peyton just sit this one out.

It isn’t like Peyton Manning has been  Steph Curry from 3 in the playoff throughout his career . The fact of the matter is that the Broncos will only go as far as their defense can carry them. In this case you almost always want the game managing quarterback who can take care of the ball. There has been time this year where Peyton Manning has looked like Ryan Leaf out on the field. Every good play that Osweiler makes going forward should actually make this decision a little easier on the coaching staff.

Not only do the Broncos get a chance to see whether they need to draft a quarterback in this upcoming draft, but they give their young quarterback confidence going forward.

There is a legitimate argument for Brock Osweiler to remain the starter, Osweiler has thrown 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 4 starts versus Peyton Manning’s 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in ten starts. Also, Osweiler’s 85.8 passer rating is better Peyton’s highest passer rating of the season (67.6)

Benching a legend isn’t easy, but I believe that is why every NFL Organization has a PR team.